Every New Memorial comes with a full 20 year warranty!
to give you the ultimate peace of mind, this warranty covers all of our craftsmenship and fixing.
Any issues with memorials coming loose, or fading will be rectified free of charge during this period.
Lettering warranties vary, please ask for more information.
Cleaning and maintenance not included.

Why Choose Us?

Registered & Accredited

We pride ourselves in being licenced by the RQMF, and BRAMM, which enables us to fix memorials for and on behalf of other masons. This qualification is recognised nationally by burial authorities.

Quality Assurance

Our high standards ensure no memorial leaves our warehouse or sales centre unless it meets our stringent quality control.

Qualified Stonemasons

Unlike nearly all the other memorial masons we have a fully qualified stonemason on our team, this means have have expertly trained staff also.

Smart Experience

We have brought the process of ordering memorials online, which can be done at your convenience at home, or during a home visit from one of our sales staff.

Short Lead Times

Our stone suppliers boast one of the fastest supplies in the UK, so we are able to extend that to our customers. Some deliveries can be as little as 4 weeks from order time.

Reputed Company

Trusted by local authorities, large corporations and many funeral directors means our service is second to none, the quality of our work speaks for itself please take a look at our social media pages, or gallery to see our work.

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