Our experienced consultants can guide you through every step of the process, from choosing a memorial, to obtaining permission for a cemetery or crematorium, to deciding on an inscription.

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The process

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Step 1: Discuss your desired design and text with one of our consultants. If you are not sure, we can help you decide by phone, email or in person. Some cemeteries and graveyards have restrictions on the size and materials they allow, so we can double-check before proceeding.

Step 2: When you are completely satisfied with your chosen memorial and inscription, we confirm the price and ask for a 20% deposit. If you prefer, you can pay by debit or credit card, bank transfer or check.

Step 3: we then create a computer drawing of the memorial, which is uploaded to our website where you can view, amend, or request any changes. This can also be done online, or by email/post if you prefer. Once you have approved the design, we are able to move on to step 4.

Step 4: A paper application form is filled out detailing the stone shape, colour, size, and wording. which is sent by us to the cemetery or church office for approval. Along with a cheque for the appropriate fees for the memorial permit. We do all this on your behalf.

Step 5: Once the permit is obtained, we then place an order for he stone materials from one of our suppliers around the world.
Sometimes if it is a stock item it can be delivered to us in as little as 2 weeks, or if it is from our own stock we can go straight on to the next stage.

Step 6: the memoral is prepared, we ensure the memorial is cut, polished, inscribed, and drilled for fixing as quickly as we can to keep waiting times to a minimum.

Step 7: The memorial is then taken to the grave by our licenced and insured fixing team, and erected using traditional methods which comply with British Standard BS8415 and the NAMM code of working practice

Payment Terms

First Instalment: 20% Deposit when you place an order (as mentioned above).

Second Instalment: 75% of balance plus burial ground fee.
The burial ground fee is only payable once we receive an approved permit from the cemetery or church authority. Obtaining a permit takes on average 2-3 weeks from your first instalment.

Final Payment: The remaining balance is payable on completion. In other words you only pay this portion once your memorial has been fixed in the cemetery (or exported in some cases



When can a memorial be erected on a grave?

Headstones can usually be erected on graves six months to one year after the most recent burial, as the ground takes time to solidify. When cremated remains are buried in the grave, the memorial can be placed immediately since the ground does not require settlement time.
How long will my order take?

We estimate that an order for our standard design will take approximately 12 to 16 weeks.

This estimate begins from the date we have received both the cemetery or church permit and your second instalment rather than from the date you place your order. The process of obtaining a permit is carried out by us on your behalf and is generally straightforward. If you are having a more unusual style or size of memorial it can take longer to clarify the details with the cemetery and obtain permission which will affect the final delivery/fixing date.

We always endeavour to complete your order as quickly as possible but there are some factors over which have no control, such as shipping and council response times. This means that some orders will take less than 12 weeks but others may take longer. We will always keep you informed about the progress of your order.