Memorial Restoration Specialists

Memorials are exposed to a variety of weather conditions, and depending on their position, numerous environmental factors, such as nearby trees and plants, the upkeep of the cemetery, and ambient pollution, can impact their appearance.

In various ways, each of these causes memorials to get stained and dirty, which degrades their beauty and sometimes causes serious damage to the stone. Our highly rated specialist repair service is aimed at restoring the memorial of your loved ones to its pristine condition.

Here is a full memorial that has undergone a comprehensive cleaning process.

Restoration of your memorial

The repair of our memorial is carried out by our highly trained and skilled personnel. It is completely washed and cleaned with professional procedures designed specifically for the type of stone.

The level and stability of the memorial are evaluated, and any tilting or sinking that has occurred is noted and corrected.
Any debris is removed with care, and any stains are cleaned.
Flower pots are drained to prevent the accumulation of stagnant or discoloured water, which could stain if it overflows.

A granite lawn memorial has been restored to its original, polished state.